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Judice Sports & Rehab helps active people in St. Louis get back in the game and perform at their max without pain pills or surgery!

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Physical Therapy in Ballwin & St. Louis County, MO

Not injured? That doesn’t mean we can’t help you! Seeing your physical therapist once a year will help you remain stronger and healthier through injury prevention or early diagnosis of potential functional weaknesses. 

Reduce Pain, Regain Function

We at St Louis Physical Therapy are Providing physical therapy to residents within a 40-mile radius of the West County area of St. Louis County, Missouri. We are an orthopedic, evidence-based practice focused on hands-on therapy and corrective exercise.

Founder Gregory Judice, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, will work with you one-on-one to reduce pain and help you heal after sustaining injuries or acquiring debilitating conditions. Not only do we address orthopedic issues, we deal with sports injuries, balance and gait problems, post joint-replacement surgery rehabilitation, and TMD.

We can also provide work station assessments to reduce risk of injury from repetitive stress as well as have particular experience working with athletes in sports that involve overhead throwing.  

We are distinguished not only for bringing physical therapy to your home or workplace, but also for our full-hour, one-on-one appointments.

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"Seeing Dr. Greg has been one of the best decisions I have made this year. I had been putting off seeing a therapist because I kept telling myself I would be able to fix the problem myself...which is always funny to me because I didn't know what the problem was caused by. I had severe pain in my right leg due to lack of ankle mobility, bad shoes for me, and my foot bones shifted. I also had pain in my upper left back that eventually hurt any time I did any physical activity. When both injuries finally led to me being unable to do ANY physical activity without pain, I called Dr. Greg. My only regret is that I waited so long and wish I would've seen him much sooner. Before seeing Dr. Greg, I was unable to walk or even stand longer than 10 minutes at one point. My upper back would hurt doing daily chores like dishes and laundry. Exercising and lifting weights was out of the question or I would be up all night in so much pain. Dr. Greg has been a LIFESAVER. His client-centered approach plus his vast knowledge is the reason I will never see another physical therapist. He took his time with me and I never felt rushed. He asked me many questions, then follow-up questions to my answers to then best give accurate advice and action steps. I met with Dr. Greg in a private room (1-on-1)with lots of tools and space for him to complete assessments with me, go through exercises, and work through any issues I had. He is very easy to communicate with, make payments, and reschedule when necessary. His office manager, Jessica, is also lovely and makes the atmosphere that much more comfortable. My favorite thing about seeing Dr. Greg is that I am fully functional again. I can stand, walk, do daily chores, complete my job requirements as a personal trainer, and even exercise myself without pain! So if you are reading reviews trying to decide on seeing a PT, I highly recommend Dr. Greg for your Physical Therapy needs!! He is very worth it."

Anna Sherry

Dr. Greg and his team at Judice Sports and Rehab were extremely caring and through with their treatment. I came in needing rehab on a shoulder injury from years of overuse as a college baseball player and lifting. Greg took the time to listen to my needs as well as help me realize what some realistic goals were with my shoulder health. I was so impressed with the care and treatment that I received from Dr. Greg that when Dr. Jen was hired I sent my wife to receive treatment for her pelvic health. My wife loved Dr. Jen and will continue to use her on a regular basis If you need any physical therapy and would like personalized care, come see Dr. Greg and/or Dr. Jen for any of your needs!

Jake Schuchardt

"Dr. Judice is an incredible, knowledgeable, and kind person."

Knox Kelly

"Dr. Greg knows his stuff. He was able to help me with my post-trigger finger recovery by educating me about my injury and helping me to restore grip strength and knuckle function in my throwing hand. Understanding the injury and doing the right exercises is invaluable. A couple visits with Greg (a fellow disc golfer who actually understood my situation) helped me immensely. He has a very caring and concerned approach, striving to fully understand his patient’s issues, and then he effectively communicates back his advice for care and healing."

Joe Jaegers

"I had the opportunity to work with Greg Judice to rehab some back and hip pains. Within just a few sessions I was feeling the benefits of our time together and the work he gave me to do at home. He takes the time to teach you about your body, what is causing the issues, and how to fix it and does so in terms you can understand. I would highly suggest his practice to anyone who has a misunderstood pain or is looking for preventative help."

Christiana Siegelin