About Us

Judice Sports & Rehab was founded in 2017 by Gregory Judice, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. He provides physical therapy services to residents in the West County area of St. Louis County, MO.

Here’s What We Offer

Evidence-Based Practice

We are an evidence-based practice augmented with prescribed corrective and therapeutic exercises.

Personalized Care

For your convenience, we can provide therapy to you in your own home or office, as well as see you in our location.  We have experience in treating all musculoskeletal disorders, balance and gait issues, post-joint-replacement surgery rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

Our Services

We are also known for our work with athletes who are doing sports involving overhead throwing, providing gait assessments, and our ability to assess your workstation for possible causes for current or future injuries or stresses to your body.

About US - Judice Sports & Rehab

Our Team

Jennifer Rispoli PT, DPT

Dr. Jen’s love of physical therapy began when she was 12 years old and she sustained a knee injury while playing travel softball.  After undergoing surgery and physical therapy, she was amazed at how much stronger she was than prior to surgery. From that moment on, Dr. Jen wanted to share with others how amazing the body is and how it can heal itself.  She has wanted to work in healthcare for as long as she can remember, and while her first thought was to become an OBGYN, physical therapy captured her heart and there was no turning back.


Dr. Jen obtained her Bachelor’s of Health Science from Maryville University in 2010 and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2012.  Even in school, she had an interest and passion for women’s health. She spent 50% of her clinical experience working with women’s health physical therapists in order to further her knowledge in this area that is not taught in traditional PT school.  She has received post doctorate education through the American Physical Therapy Association and had extensive training in incontinence, pelvic pain, and bowel dysfunction.  She plans to become certified in prenatal and postpartum care as well.

Following her graduation in 2012, she began work in the outpatient orthopedics, treating a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical pain and injuries.  She has also worked in the home health setting.  She is confident, comfortable, and experienced working with patients with all abilities and in all stages of life. 


Dr. Jen’s passion for women’s health has been furthered by her husband’s work as a marriage counselor.  Sexual pain and dysfunction are extremely common, especially after pregnancy and childbirth.  Pelvic pain plays a significant role in marital satisfaction, and Dr. Jen believes that keeping families together and creating great marriages is of the utmost importance.  She is passionate about doing anything she can to address these issues in order to keep families happily intact.  Unfortunately, over the years, women have been led to believe that pain and incontinence are typical and unavoidable side effects to childbirth and the aging process. Dr. Jen is committed to educating women that these issues are preventable and treatable.

Outside Of Work

Outside of work, Dr. Jen spends her time with her husband, son, and yellow lab.  You can frequently find her at Cardinal games, cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers or Chicago Bears, hiking, traveling wherever and whenever she gets the chance, watching dramas and cheesy reality shows, or reading a good book.

Gregory Judice PT, DPT, OCS, owner

Fueled by a passion that everyone should be able to spend their time as they want without limitations, Dr. Greg was first introduced to the world of physical therapy when he was a child.  At the age of eleven, he sustained a shoulder injury while pitching for a competitive, traveling baseball team. The injury limited his ability to pitch as he grew older, impacting his ability to play the game and the position he loved to play.

Award Winning Physical Therapist

Now an award winning physical therapist in the St. Louis area, he recalls that initially, his idea was to focus on providing physical therapy to injured children, in an effort to help them to return to the sports that they love. However, he found enjoyment working with patients of all ages who are dealing with orthopedic conditions, resulting in a passion for working with adults as well. 

Dr. Greg enjoys being able to show people that they matter and is motivated to demonstrate to his patients how much he cares about their health and success. This passion for helping others inspired his idea for a practice that provides only one-on-one treatments so that his patients get his full attention with every session.


He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Saint Louis University and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the same distinguished institution.

In addition to his required education, Dr. Greg has pursued specialized knowledge in the area of orthopedics, graduating from SLU-SSM Health Physical Therapy Orthopedic Residency Program and earned his Orthopedic Clinical Specialty. This program trained him through work in a therapy clinic, the study of literature on current practice, and frequent collaboration and mentoring time with current specialists and experts in the field.

Throughout his education, he gained practical experience through clinical rotations in Louisiana, Kentucky, and Missouri. He has been working as a physical therapist in the St. Louis area since graduating in 2014.


Dr. Greg has worked primarily in outpatient orthopedic clinics, which led him to develop his desire to provide one-on-one, individualized, patient-centered care. He also gained experience working in an acute care setting and continues to do this in addition to his work with Judice Sports & Rehab.

Besides delivering orthopedic care, he has a specialty in working with throwers and overhead athletes, particularly baseball players, doing both injury prevention and rehabilitation. He has worked as a coach for a youth baseball team, presented safety presentations to players, parents, and other coaches on the topic of pitching and throwing mechanics, and has provided private pitching lessons to young pitchers in the area.

Outside Of Work

When he is not working, he enjoys disc golf, pyrography, woodworking, homebrewing, spending time with his wife and three dogs.

Success Stories

Deborah S. Says…

“I began my journey with Judice sports and rehabilitation in March 2021. I called to check out the usual parameters, could I get an appointment, what was it gonna cost. I was able to get an appointment that same day. I was having pain at the level of 10 on my right leg. An assessment was done immediately and the treatment plan was explained thoroughly. I committed to six weeks of physical therapy. After the first session my pain level was 3 to 4. I felt so good I wanted to know if I could continue my usual activities. I was pleased to know that continuing my activities of swimming, cycling, walking and doing yard work was encouraged as long as I did my homework, my stretching and exercises as often as I could. I learned so much about why I had the pain in the first place and I now have a tool kit I use should the pain return. I was without pain the second week however I continued the therapy and got stronger. It was a very warm environment. Dr. Greg was wonderful and I will not go to any other therapist. I have a long history in healthcare and this absolutely was an amazing journey.”