Success Stories

Welcome to Judice Sports & Rehab, providing physical therapy to residents within a 40-mile radius of the West County area of St. Louis County, Missouri. We are an orthopedic, evidence-based practice focused on hands-on therapy and corrective exercise.

A Very Positive Experience

“I had a very positive experience with Dr. Greg this past winter. I had several different areas that were hurting and was anxious to alleviate my pain and get back to exercising without further hurting myself. I appreciated the thorough history and exam that he took initially, and his thoughtful approach to attacking my problems. They all seemed to be interrelated, so his approach was more wholistic, which made sense to me. Having a therapist 1 on 1 was a real plus, too.Unlike most PT clinics, I wasn’t handed off to a PT Assistant to do exercises on my own, as he worked with me the entire time. He also made me demonstrate the home exercises before I left, to make sure I was doing them properly. The exercises were not overwhelming. in number or too difficult, and I did see improvement with my issues. Also, the exercises were on my phone app so it was super easy to keep track of them, especially as he added more each week. I also liked that he was very responsive and flexible – my schedule was always changing and it was never a problem to come at a different time. I highly recommend Dr. Greg for PT, he was great!”

-Kathy R.

Recovering From Injury

“I have had hip and knee issues in my right leg for over 50 years. The knee injury was due to a skiing accident in my teens (with minimal physical therapy followup), and the cause of the hip issue is still a bit unknown to me. To be honest, I just thought these were issues I was going to have to contend with forever. However, in the past year or so, the hip pain became much more pronounced and got in the way of daily activities.

My personal trainer suggested that I meet with Dr. Greg Judice for an assessment. After the assessment, he explained what he thought was going on and said that he felt he could help me improve a great deal. His explanation made sense to me, so I decided to give it a try. Right after the assessment, everything shut down due to the pandemic, and I felt quite disappointed that we couldn’t proceed. However, Dr. Greg suggested that we try some sessions virtually, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that we were able to make progress! After several virtual sessions, we were finally able to have a few in-person sessions, and my mobility has greatly improved.

Prior to therapy, I had reached a point where I would be unable to stand or walk (due to pain) after riding in a car for an hour or more. After therapy, that limitation is gone! I’m now working with a few ‘homework’ exercises, and we plan to touch base quarterly to make sure everything is still on track. I”m very excited about the positive changes. I feel that Dr. Greg makes it important to ask the right questions so that he is able to get to the root of the issue. He is also honest about expectations – since I have arthritis in the hip, I will never be 100%, but we have made more progress than I ever expected, and would recommend him highly.”

-Pam R.

Initial Progress with a Frozen Shoulder

“I can’t say enough about how great my experience was at Judice Sports and Rehab. I had been going to a traditional PT clinic for my chronic shoulder pain. At that clinic, after the initial evaluation by the physical therapist, my visits were all with a PT assistant, (a different person each time). Each session consisted of them just watching me go through a series of exercises, most of which caused even more pain at my injury site. After a few visits, I decided to try something different.

At Judice Sports and Rehab, I had a thorough evaluation, and was treated by the physical therapist/owner, Gregory Judice. He spent a full hour with me, one-on-one, and made an individualized plan of care. His hands-on method of treatment was tailor-made for me to improve my shoulder motion, without causing more pain. I had measurable improvement even after one visit!

Prior to being treated by Gregory, I was unable to style my own hair or remove my winter coat due to stiffness in my shoulder. As a result of my appointments, I am able to move much more freely. Dr. Gregory is highly skilled and very polite, and I would encourage anyone to seek his help.”

-Denise B.

Chronic Neck Pain

“I have had chronic neck pain for years. Despite many chiropractic adjustments and massage therapists, I couldn’t get any lasting results. The tightness in my neck would always eventually come back. After spending more time at home in front of the computer and reading tons more books (due to COVID, of course) the pain became more pronounced. With more frequent intense pains I finally decided to try Dr. Greg, who I met through BNI. He was able to diagnose my problem very quickly and give me easy exercises to do, which provided immediate relief. I am astonished at how quickly my pain disappeared, how simple it has been and how much more energy I now have. Thank you Dr. Greg!”

-Patrice T.