Hi there,

I have a quick favor to ask.

Could you write a brief testimonial that I can add to my list of satisfied clients?

I’m not looking for a novel or anything. Just a few sentences describing your experience with me. Prospective clients don’t care so much about what I say about myself, but they do care what my clients have to say.

It’s easy to share your story just click our Google Business Page HERE.


Here are some questions to think about as you are writing the review.

  • Tell the story of your pain/injury starting from the beginning … when you first got hurt or noticed the pain.
  • How long did you wait before seeking any treatment? If more than 2 weeks, explain why you waited to seek out treatment. (time/too busy, cost, thought it would go away, not sure what would help, etc.)
  • What was your pain/injury keeping you from doing? How was it most limiting you?
  • Now that you’ve experienced treatment at Judice Sports & Rehab; if you had a friend or family member in pain who was not getting help or unsure what to try, what would you tell them about physical therapy and this clinic?
  • What is your favorite thing about your experience at Judice Sports & Rehab and the results you’ve obtained

If you are able to do this in the next day or two, that would be awesome.


Thank you for your continued support,

The team at Judice Sports & Rehab