Dr. Greg here! I wanted to share this great testimonial from one of our clients with you! Sheryl was a delight to work with, and I think her story speaks enough for itself! See below >

“I first went to Dr. Greg after having surgery on my foot and being nonweight bearing for 8 weeks… I actually went because I had fallen off my scooter and thrown my back out … best fall ever !! Not only did he quickly restore my back to its needed position.. but he started working on the lack of mobility in my foot, ankle, and toes. At that time my ankle etc was pretty much totally seized from being in an orthopedic boot for such a period ( 10 weeks total )…


He used massage, stretching, and exercises to restore my mobility. And when I finally could weight bear again I had absolutely no problem! People ask me all the time how my foot is. I forget it ever happened it’s so great! My surgeon would not have recommended physical therapy!!!! I know I would not have been able to function this good post-surgery without Dr. Greg !!! And did I mention he taught me the basics of how and what height to use the scooter ( made such a difference to the comfort level and maintaining good body dynamics ) and how to use crutches … people were amazed at how I could tackle stairs etc on crutches (65 yr old ) .. it was all thanks to his expertise!

That saga ended in February but I revisited Dr. Greg again in July for severe back pain…. when my sacroiliac joint was extremely painful I knew just who to go to !!! Again, he has worked miracles! Giving me immediate relief with our first session!! Since then he has focused on strengthening my core so that I don’t continually keep injuring that joint/ and my back in general. I have severe scoliosis and kyphosis and work in the medical field so I do continually injure myself. But Dr. Greg always knows what needs doing no matter which new problem I present with. I always leave his office feeling so much relief from the issue. More importantly, he has taught me how to use exercises and or stretches to alleviate the problem as soon as it occurs!!! This aspect alone has saved me from so much pain!
I cannot recommend Dr. Greg highly enough! His knowledge is amazing .. he has the most skilled hands! He always knows just how to treat any injury and perhaps most importantly teaches you how to self-correct when you redo that injury ( as I am prone to do!!) He has saved me from so much pain and keeps me functioning as I should be able to.”

Sheryl- Google testimonial from Early September 2020