Interviews with Dr. Greg

March, 2018

During his guest appearance on the “We’re Having a Senior Moment” podcast, Dr. Greg told the host, Shawn Rimerman, of his very first experience with physical therapy.  When he was a young athlete, Dr. Greg experienced a shoulder injury while pitching for his baseball team. He sought help from doctors and physical therapists for years, completing his assigned stretches and exercises, all the while never receiving an explanation for what was truly wrong with his shoulder and causing him daily pain.  As an adult, Dr. Greg completed his doctorate in physical therapy intending to prevent others from experiencing ignorance with their injuries as he did.

With one-on-one treatment sessions and personalized treatment plans, every patient at Judice Sports & Rehab receives the best care a physical therapist can offer.  Dr. Greg spends time getting to know each patient on a personal level. He delves into the root cause of the problem through his thorough orthopedic assessments and special tests.  Following this, each patient receives a comprehensive explanation of the clinical diagnosis of their problem, the possible causes, and the best treatment for it. Using the information the patient provides about their lifestyle and the clinical diagnosis, Dr. Greg and the patient then construct a treatment plan to execute.  The patient is always a part of every step of the process of their care, giving them the knowledge to build a clock, not just tell the time.

Similarly following his passion for education, Dr. Greg presented a poster at the American Physical Therapy Association Conference this year addressing the mechanics of pitching.  His research examines the position of the pitcher’s body when their foot contacts the ground in their pitching motion. This moment in the pitching motion could be coached and changed in young pitchers to prevent injury and help them pitch safer and more effectively. Dr. Greg’s goal is to assess and work with pitchers over several years to find out if this and other prevention methods are successful.

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July, 2018

Physical therapy is about more than just ankles and shoulders. Dr. Greg made a guest appearance on the “Get Real to Heal” podcast to share his knowledge of orthopedics and injury prevention with the St. Louis community. Amanda LaPlante, the hostess of the “Get Real to Heal” podcast, beli

eves in integrative healthcare to find the root cause of injuries and illnesses. During the podcast, Dr. Greg and Amanda discuss the power of preventative care, root cause medicine, and how physical therapy is the long term solution for people who have lost hope.

Dr. Greg started Judice Sports & Rehab with a philosophy that he developed after working at large, corporate physical therapy clinics in the community.  In his experience, these physical therapy companies placed focus on the volume of patients walking through their doors and the ability to keep patients returning for more and more therapy. Dr. Greg saw that the quality of care for his patients suffered in this environment and became determined to provide a better experience with faster healing to his patients. With his background and education as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Dr. Greg saw the potential for his treatment sessions to do more for each patient. Finally opening his own clinical practice, Dr. Greg now treats patients with advanced manual therapy techniques during one-on-one treatment sessions in order to achieve their treatment goals as quickly as possible, returning them fully to their active and busy lives.

As a youth athlete, Dr. Greg experienced a shoulder injury during his little league baseball season and was prescribed physical therapy as treatment. He completed his required amounts of sets and reps of each exercise without ever really having an explanation of why. Why was he experiencing pain during his pitching motion? Why did he needed to do exercises to help it? His injury never fully healed and his ability to pitch competitively decreased as he got older. Dr. Greg went to school for physical therapy with this experience in mind so he could help other people with complex injuries find real solutions and receive explanations for why they were experiencing pain and discomfort.


Check out the podcast by clicking the button below to learn more about how you can save money on your health, ways to prevent shoulder injuries, and how to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Greg for free!

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August, 2018

When you board a flight this holiday season, you’re sure to hear the flight attendants’ safety speech before takeoff.  They will point out your possible exits, explain that your seat cushion can be used as a floating device, and in the case of a change in cabin pressure yellow oxygen masks will fall from above your head.  The flight attendants will then instruct you to always put your mask on first before attempting to help others with their mask. This principle applies to all aspects of your health, including physical therapy.

If you are struggling with a shoulder injury or knee pain, it is more difficult for you to properly assist others with their needs. Dr. Greg has seen this trend in his patients, specifically those who are parents.  Mothers of young infants experience shoulder, hip, and back issues due to constantly lifting and carrying their children during their daily tasks.  Constantly lifting a 20+ pound child, removing a car seat containing a sleeping child, and reaching behind to the backseat to fetch a dropped pacifier puts more stress on an already exhausted parent.

In order to continue giving the best care to their children, parents must first take care of themselves. Simple posture changes and working on troublesome motions can drastically improve the stresses on a tired parent’s body.  Making time for personal care can seem difficult with a full house and packed calendar, but the benefits are far worth it.

Balance between workouts and physical therapy can make a huge positive impact on any busy adult’s life. Building strength and flexibility through consistent workouts can help prevent fatigue and injury from the stresses of parenthood.  When your workouts exacerbate a problem you are experiencing, a physical therapist can provide better training and knowledge to achieve the desired motion more effectively and thus allow you to progress to a higher level of fitness. 

During his interview on the Life Fueled by Faith – Health and Weight Loss for Christian Women Podcast by Jessica Conley, Dr. Greg explains more on these topics.  Listen to the full interview by clicking the button below 

 February, 2019

Dr. Greg shares his passion for helping people with their shoulder pain. 

October 2019

In this week’s Defeating Depression Podcast, we speak with Dr. Greg Judice, founder of Judice Sports & Rehab. He is a respected physical therapist in St. Louis, and we discuss some of the physical and mental connections of wellness.

Fueled by a passion that everyone should be able to spend their time as they want without limitations, Dr. Greg was first introduced to the world of physical therapy when he was a child. At the age of eleven, he sustained a shoulder injury while pitching for a competitive, traveling baseball team. The injury limited his ability to pitch as he grew older, impacting his ability to play the game and the position he loved to play.

Now a respected physical therapist in St. Louis, Dr. Greg enjoys being able to show people that they matter and he is motivated to demonstrate to his patients how much he cares about their health and success. This passion for helping others inspired his idea for a practice that addresses the three biggest frustrations from people seeking traditional healthcare: Time, Money, and Attention/Value.

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