As the weather cools off, workouts tend to become less frequent because leaving the house doesn’t exactly sound great. Between the chilled winds and unpredictable rainstorms, our summer days doing cannonballs in the pool or going for a run at 8 p.m. seem like a distant memory. However, the workouts don’t have to stop just because summer has vanished. Fall is a beautiful time to get out and enjoy the leaves turning a variety of different shades. Giving extra attention to self-care is crucial as fall phases into winter and many people become affected by seasonal changes. The good news is that exercise just so happens to be mother nature’s antidepressant. So, fetch yourself a sweatshirt, set some “healthy time” aside, and get ready to work it out with these fun and easy fall tips!


Turn TV time into movement time:

• Complete a bodyweight circuit during a 30-minute show

• Elevate your heart rate during commercials (jumping jacks/squats, running in place, burpees, stepping over and under, side shuffles, crawls, etc.)

• Find a walking buddy that will hold you accountable rain or shine (6-ft. apart)

• Try the “Pumpkin Workout”: Don’t have a medicine ball? Use a pumpkin to perform lunge twists, step-ups, squat thrusts, and mountain climbers!

• Spice up your post-workout smoothie with pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon oatmeal

• Try kayaking or canoeing for a whole-body workout and some great scenery

• Rake leaves all while burning calories and breathing in the fall air

• Try something new such as racquetball, barre workouts, tai chi, CrossFit, yoga, or circuit training

• Visit a corn maze to get some extra steps in

• Search for community 5k walks or races • Take a trip to a national park and bring your bike or take a hike!

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