Though St. Louis hasn’t asked us to close our doors, and it’s going to put a damper on business, I decided to stop all our in-clinic treatment sessions and convert to “tele-physio” sessions as of 3/18/20. Additionally, we can treat ANYONE IN MISSOURI.

We need do what’s right for patients, staff, family, and the world as a whole to slow the spread on this thing. I’ve shared this information with our email list, but wanted to share it with you all as well.

We’re also making these sessions discounted till this blows over, as a show of good faith and support to those who are stuck at home but in pain.
I’m sure you’ve received a number of these types of posts, but this is one you might want to read even if you’re not currently getting treatment at our clinic …

First: While the city has not yet asked us to close, I made the decision to preemptively shift our services to online tele-physio visits as of today. Your safety and the good of the community as a whole is top priority, and we’re doing our best to help “flatten the curve” and duration of this terrible situation. I find it irresponsible to stay open at this time when we can still help people and stay isolated at the same time.

But I’ve found some great benefits to this move out of the clinic and into video-based sessions … not only are we able to take people through great evaluations, I’ve learned TONS of self-treatment techniques and am now teaching patients to replicate what we do with our hands.

It’s been going so well that we will most definitely continue to offer telemedicine services to those who can’t make it to the clinic, even after the COVID-19 crisis is over.

Sure, there are some cases when those techniques won’t work exactly the same or be able to replace all that we do in the clinic … but I’ve found so far that there’s always a great deal of improvement that can be made via these online sessions.

So the moral of the story is this:
As you stay home and do your best to avoid sickness and the spread of this issue, there’s ZERO reasons to think you can’t get good care and improvement of any pain you may be dealing with.

In fact, many people are spending a lot more time on the couch binging Hulu and Disney+ and unable to go to the gym … key ingredients for back and neck issues to come to a head.

Or maybe you’re working from home where you don’t have the nice comfy chair or standing desk you normally use at the office?

Many pains that crop up at home are easy fixes that likely don’t
need much/any hands-on treatment to get significantly better.

And as a show of loyalty to the community and encouragement for people to practice social distancing, we’re offering these services at a significant discount until this all blows over.

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