On this episode of the show, I’m interviewing Dr. Andrea Otto-who is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. 

Andrea attended the University of Missouri- Kansas City School of Medicine. After practicing medicine in the army, as well as for an outpatient family medicine clinic, Dr. Otto said goodbye to the dysfunction of modern Medicine to start her new sproutMD Direct Primary Care office. Dr. Otto is passionate about caring for individuals who have had bad experiences with medical care in the past, or who have been marginalized or are in underserved populations. She truly wants to ensure that everyone can access affordable and high-quality primary care without stigma, judgment, or bias. 

Dr. Otto truly believes that living a healthy lifestyle including proper nutrition and exercise can significantly reduce the risk for disease, and can be used as a treatment option for many as well. She always prefers to try non-medication treatments such as nutrition and other lifestyle changes before starting medications as long as it is medically safe to do so.

Website: https://sproutmd.com/
E-Mail: drotto@sproutMD.com
Phone #: (314) 394-2973

On this episode of the show, I’m interviewing sport psychologist, Dr. Dirk Downing. Dr. Downing is the mental performance coach at Zoning In Peak Performance Coaching.

Dr. Dirk Downing grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri where he pursued an active lifestyle through golf, swimming, diving, baseball, basketball, and football.​These experiences led Dirk to a career in Sport Psychology.

Dr. Dirk offers sport psychology consulting based on the proven effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This approach teaches individuals how to change thoughts that hinder their performance. Athletes of all skill levels can be unaware of how their thinking can impact performance. Given that every athlete is a little different, he provides a tailored approach that focuses on only the relevant mental skills and strategies necessary to improve performance. 

Dr. Dirk knows each athlete is different. Each athlete requires and deserves an individualized consulting style. In his practice, Dr. Dirk works with clients closely to implement these mental skills.  Once learned, Dr. Dirk believes in working with athletes on game & sport specific scenarios where these skills can be placed into action. 

Website: https://www.zoninginppc.com/
Email: dirkmd23@gmail.com