Frequently asked question.

Q: Do I need to take my clothes off for my first evaluation appointment?

A: Unlikely. In some circumstances it is better to see a shoulder blade or a spine, to make sure we can view a pathology properly.  In these instances, we will do our best to maintain your privacy. If you are uncomfortable with taking off your shirt in this instance, just let us know. We are flexible and can find a different way to evaluate that area. If your condition affects the leg, foot, or ankle; wearing shorts would be appreciated, but is not required.


Q: How can I best prepare for my first appointment?

A: Be detailed with your health history, both in our online New Client Forms and in the office discussion with us.  Your history will be the first thing we review, and we want to make sure that we have as much information as possible to make sure we come to the correct conclusion.

Write down any questions/concerns you have; during your appointment, there will be a lot of discussion about your medical history, the pain and discomfort you are experiencing, and functional limitations, and unwritten questions can become forgotten questions. Be sure to check out the education section of the website to learn more about your body region.

Q: Will this hurt?

A: Maybe. Certain range of motion measurements and tests may be uncomfortable or slightly painful depending on your problem or pathology, but our goal is always to return you to a pain-free life as soon as possible. We work with you to find the best strategy to quickly relieve your pain and return you to your regular activities. 


Q: How does billing work?

A: Judice Sports & Rehab is not contracted with any insurance providers. We have found this to be a very good thing for you, the client. We get to make clinical decisions with you and your physician, not an outside third party, to make the best choice for you and help you most effectively reach your goals.  We will be happy to give many of our clients a detailed superbill, explaining the services provided, so that each client can submit a request for reimbursement from their insurance company.


Q: How do I acquire a physician referral?

A: You can do this a number of ways:

  1. If you have a primary physician who already knows about this issue, you can ask for a referral to physical therapy and have them fax one to us. Most of the time physicians are happy to write referrals for physical therapy!
  2. If you do not have a physician that is easy to get in touch with, you can get a referral from a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or chiropractor.
  3. Dr. Jason Cox is a radiologist and can get you in quickly for imaging and provide a referral. https://ultrasound-first.com/appointments/
  4. Another option is to go to urgent care. You won’t have to wait very long, and you can ask for a physical therapy referral at your visit. Just be sure to bring our card with you, so they know where to write the referral to. This is typically a more expensive option.
  5. Lastly, there are telehealth options. Please let us know if you need a resource.
  6. Our fax number is: 636-594-7486
  1. A: Call your insurance company and ask them if your plan includes out of network benefits. If you do have out of network benefits, ask your insurance company the following questions:

    1. Do I have an out of network deductible?
    2. Have I met the deductible for the year? If not, how far away am I from meeting the deductible?
    3. Is there paperwork that must be filled out when submitting the out-of-network claims? If so, do you provide that paperwork?
    4. Do I need to be pre-certified for physical therapy sessions in order to receive reimbursement?

    If you have any questions or issues with this process, please reach out to us! 

Q: Do you take Medicare and Federally Funded Insurance Plans?
  1. A: Judice Sports & Rehab is not contracted with Medicare or any other form of health insurance. Services rendered in our practice are not covered by Medicare or your Secondary Insurance.

    If you would like Physical Therapy to be covered by insurance and if you have a physician referral for such, we will be happy to provide you with alternative options. If you are unwavering, however, in your desire to be seen by one of our doctors of physical therapy for their expertise, we ask that you understand that this is a non-covered service by Medicare and to understand that you cannot receive reimbursement from your insurance provider, secondary or otherwise, for this service.

    Dr. Judice and Dr. Rispoli do not believe in discriminating against clients who are 65 and over (i.e., Medicare eligible) by turning them away if they wish to be seen by him, even though they have been given and considered other options that might be covered by insurance. They would like to help you and is willing to assess your problem and administer a limited number of treatments if necessary as well as provide massage therapy, wellness advice, and preventative and fitness exercises.

    However, because physical therapy has not yet been included in Medicare “opt out” legislation, our doctors do not treat Medicare-eligible clients for acute problems, post-surgical treatment or any issues that are considered ‘covered services.’ Actions are being taken to rectify this situation through the American Physical Therapy Association so that there will not be a question about whether you can see a non-Medicare provider Physical Therapist if you wish.

    We understand that this can be a confusing topic, so if you have other questions or concerns, please send us an email at contact@stlouispt.com so we can discuss further.