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At Judice Sports & Rehab we provide physical therapy services to residents in West County. We combine evidence-based practice and experience to correct injuries and conditions that impact the musculoskeletal system.

We can bring our treatment table and skills to your home or workplace for a full hour of one-on-one physical therapy.

St Louis Physical Therapist, begin the process with a thorough assessment to determine the source of your pain and your current strength and range of motion.  Once our evaluation is complete, treatment can begin.  We encourage you to be a partner in your treatment, and will prescribe corrective and therapeutic exercises for you to continue between visits.

Each physical therapy program is customized to the patient’s unique needs. Our goal is to help you recover and return to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor Therapy

Dr. Jen is the newest physical therapist at Judice Sports & Rehab. She specializes in women’s health and pelvic floor treatment and is committed to helping women improve their quality of life. Dr. Jen has expertise in the evaluation, and treatment of conditions such as pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, and incontinence, all of which are common conditions that affect as many as one in three women. 

We believe in treating every patient as a whole person. Diagnosing and treating pelvic pain can be complex and it’s important to us that we understand your physical, emotional and mental health needs during the process. Dr. Jen takes the time to listen to patients and complete a thorough examination and then develops an individualized plan of care for each and every patient. 

Judice Sports & Rehab offers one-on-one sessions with our licensed physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor and women’s health. Call Dr. Jen today to get the treatment you deserve for your pelvic pain. 

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What are Pelvic Floor Disorders? 

When childbirth or other circumstances weaken or damage the pelvic floor, the pelvic organs, including the bladder, vagina and bowel, can be greatly impacted. Pelvic floor disorders include: 

  • Incontinence: loss of bladder or bowel control, leakage of urine or feces
  • Prolapse: descent of pelvic organs noted as a bulge and/or pressure
  • Emptying disorders: difficulty urinating or moving bowels
  • Pain: discomfort in the lower back, pelvis or bladder and/or urethra
  • Overactive bladder: frequent need to void, bladder pressure, urgency, urge incontinence (difficulty holding back urine when having the urge to urinate)

Office Therapies 

Our team provides treatment for pelvic floor disorders to reduce or eliminate bothersome symptoms using the least invasive approach. Your goals, the severity of your condition and your general health define the individualized therapy. Treatment may include: 

  • Dietary modifications
  • Behavioral modifications
  • Pelvic floor muscle training
  • Tibial nerve modulation
  • Biofeedback
  • Vaginal support device (pessary)

If you’re experiencing any symptoms of pelvic floor disorder, make an appointment with Dr. Jen today. Most women who seek help for pelvic pain and other pelvic floor disorders will find improvement in their symptoms. Get started today!

Post Joint Replacement Surgery Rehabilitation

The effects of joint replacement surgery can be minimized by having physical therapy following the operation.

By receiving rehabilitative services after total joint replacements, studies show you will return to your normal level of activity faster and with less pain.

We can also aid in your recovery from other surgeries of the extremities, sports injuries, and ligament or tendon reconstruction/repair procedures

Balance and Gait Issues

Dizziness and balance issues can quickly impede quality-of-life if they are not diagnosed and treated properly. They can take away the courage to venture out independently and can keep someone from living life to the fullest.

At Judice Sports & Rehab, we are experienced in assessing balance and gait issues and providing personalized balance training and therapy to avoid secondary or compounding injuries.

We treat patients who experience frequent falls or have difficulty with balance on stairs, uneven walking surfaces, or even level ground.  We can also assess whether or not someone requires an assistive device, such as a walker or a cane, to increase their safety with walking.

Sports Medicine

Judice Sports & Rehab is well versed in working with the local athletic community to help sports lovers at all levels of expertise recover from sports injuries through our rehabilitation therapy.

We work with everyone from weekend warriors and competitive athletes to individuals in rec leagues and neighborhood pick-up games. Our goal is to help you return to whatever it is you love to do.

We are particularly dedicated to helping athletes who participate in overhead throwing required for activities such baseball, softball, volleyball, and tennis. By assessing an athlete’s body mechanics with use of slow-motion video capture, we can aid in the prevention of future injury during overhead throwing action and help the patient sustain a healthier throw for a longer period of time.

We have a detailed understanding of sports injuries and can provide effective, evidence-based programs to get injured athletes back to the game of their choice as quickly as possible.

Throwers and Overhead Athletes

Patients we describe as “throwers,” whose sport involves tossing balls overhead, are one of our unique physical therapy niches.

We have experience working with baseball players and others who must throw balls overhead, and have developed particularly effective programs to help rehabilitate them after injury, as well as prevent the injury from reoccurring.

At Judice Sports & Rehab, we use slow motion video capture to assess a thrower’s body mechanics and provide visual feedback for safety and improved performance.

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)

Difficulties with the temporomandibular joint, the joint connecting your jaw (mandible) to the bones of your skull, can result in significant pain.  Collectively, these issues are commonly referred to as “TMJ.” However, the proper term is “TMD.”

There are many causes for TMD, including whiplash, head trauma, grinding of one’s teeth, stress-related jaw clenching, issues with dental alignment, or problems with the ball and socket of the joint.

At Judice Sports & Rehab, we can treat TMD by performing manual treatments, recommending postural changes, reducing stress/tension, and using therapeutic exercise.

Gait Assessments

How you walk can be an indicator of how efficiently you move and whether or not you can run at your optimal level.

Physical therapists, such as Gregory Judice, conduct gait assessments to study how your body moves as you take each step.

If your walking or running gait is off, it can cause serious physical problems in the long run, compromising your ability to walk and run efficiently in the future.

We can assess your gait and work to help you make essential adjustments that will prevent future problems from developing.

Station Assessments

We will visit your workplace and assess whether or not your workstation is set up ergonomically, keeping you from developing postural problems or aches and pains in the future.

We will also watch how you move about as you do your job to determine what is working, and what might need to be adjusted for your overall physical health at work.

Corporate Wellness


Improvements made to the health and well-being of a workplace, not only does it affect the productivity output of team members, but it makes them feel good in all areas of life—including work. We can help corporations with a variety of different health and wellness options within their facility including:

  • Thorough evaluation/in-depth analysis of your facility- Our therapist will perform a thorough assessment of the property to identify potential problem areas among work areas (ex: identify difficult repetitive motions that are likely to lead to overuse injuries, such as those in a factory setting). Additionally, we will engage with your employees to ensure they are using proper alignment, and looking for any processes that can be improved to reduce the risk of injury. 
  • Twice-a-year movement screenings- In-depth movement screening and injury risk assessments can be a great way to identify small physical problems, and address them before they become a serious issue
  • On-Site physical therapy and wellness services- Having a therapist on-site to address injuries and provide high-quality one-on-one care makes it more efficient for your employees to address their injuries and nagging concerns. 
  • Work station evaluations- An individualized approach for employees with a history of overuse injuries or significant missed time at work. This can help cut down on your medical costs, and limit employees missed time. 
  • Educational seminars- We can provide in-person or virtual content on a variety of different health concerns including: chronic pain, avoiding joint replacements, maintaining work-life balance, etc.
  • Ergonomics- Improve the posture and utilization of your desk workers. Preventing overuse injuries from repetitive stresses is crucial for the long term well being of employees, especially those who are desk bound, and those in manufacturing. 
  • Fitness Education- If your facility has a fitness center on-site, our therapist will be able to instruct employees on the proper use of the equipment and best practices for taking their fitness to the next level. 
  • Group Programming- We provide healthy lifestyle education classes on work-life balance, fitness, diet, exercise, and mindfulness to advance the wellbeing of your workforce.
  • Individual Programming- All of the above is tailored for each individual employee. No two people are the same, therefore, there is no cookie cutter approach to helping people with their pain or wellness goals. 
  • Telehealth- Virtual work can be done for any of the aforementioned services. Whether you’re taking precautions in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, or if virtual care is faster/more convenient, we have this as an option. 
  • Yoga/Pilates/Meditation- We have a multitude of business partners in the St. Louis area that have other wellness specialties that we can have come in for one-off sessions for your employees. 

This unique program is designed to help individuals with preventive care through a focused, efficient, individualized experience and ultimately gain more healthy years doing what they love in their personal and professional lives.

We do events and speaking engagements all over St. Louis promoting health and wellness. Discovery Day events include giving your members or employees the opportunity to be evaluated. This prevents their nagging injuries from becoming a debilitating injury.

We have worked with numerous fitness facilities (such as Orange Theory Fitness), as well as other corporations in the St. Louis region (Express Scripts). Providing value to your employees and clients is a great way to keep them engaged and happy. Keeping them healthy is value that lasts a lifetime. 

Online Physical Therapy Telemedicine

Telehealth physical therapy is not only possible, it is the most effective form of online treatment! Whether your’e suffering from an injury, and just wanting to reduce pain from home, Judice Sports & Rehab can help. Our Doctor of Physical Therapy is experienced in treating patients virtually, and can help you learn the most important exercises, self-treatments, and stretches. You’ll learn how to decrease pain, increase function, and get back to the mobile and active lifestyle you desire. 

We will guide you through a full evaluation and movement analysis to discover exactly what is causing your limitations and/or pain. You’ll learn how to address everything we find in the evaluation and we will give you a customized treatment program. 

Our clients have been surprized and amazed by the results they’ve gotten in just a short time with us via online treatments. 


“I was trying my hardest to avoid physical therapy for several weeks, but Dr. Judice did a great job at making the physical therapy experience enjoyable. I felt like I was part of the process, whether it was by taking the time to get to know me and listening to the story of what brought me to his office or by being willing to answer any of my questions and explain things clearly to me, rather than just another one of his clients.”