Wellness and Maintenance Programs

Our Wellness and Maintenance Programs at Physical Therapy Clinic St Louis, designed to help you maintain the mobile, active lifestyle you want and deserve! Call us now at 636-686-0503 or request a free Discovery visit here.

Wellness and Maintenance Programs

1) Monthly Momentum – Year of Care

Fabricated to make sure you continue to gain momentum with your progress as well as maintain the strength, flexibility, and progress gained from your PT Treatment. We want to see you succeed and achieve the life you’ve always dreamt of. 

This program provides 1 hour-long session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy every month for a year

Wellness Programs

2) Quarterly Physio Tune-Up

You don’t expect your car to continue running well without regular oil changes and tune-ups … 

What better way to lubricate those joints and muscles than with some hands-on therapy from a Doctor of Physical Therapy? 

This is also a great way to make sure you don’t lose any progress made during your past physical therapy treatment.

Includes a 1-hour Session with an expert Physical Therapy every 3 months.

Wellness and Maintenance

3) Semi-Annual Mobility Make-Over

If you stay active and workout a decent amount, it’s common that over time stresses from harder workouts can build to the point of causing a real concern. 

This program is designed for those who want to make sure the issues we’ve treated do not come back slowly over time. 

You are supposed to go to the dentist twice a year, to your primary care physician at least once or twice, why not have your movement assessed by your favorite PT twice a year? 

Foam rollers can be a great way to help maintain mobility but they aren’t experts in human movement with the ability to detect when trouble is creeping up on you. 

1 full-hour session every 6 months

maintain mobility

4) Annual PT Check-Up

Most people get their medical health checked annually … why wouldn’t you get all the things that help you move and enjoy an active lifestyle checked at least once a year?

In the annual check-up we do a full-body movement assessment and identify any areas of tightness and/or weakness that could be causing problems or lead to serious injury.

These are 45 minute sessions designed to identify potential problems and create a plan to address them.

Annual PT Check-Up

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