At Judice Sports & Rehab, we provide private, in-home or office physical therapy services to residents in West County. Learn what others have to say about our practice here.

Knee issues solved


“Several months ago I had some knee issues that eventually led to undergoing surgery.

“Prior to surgery, my doctor suggested I strengthen my knee and directed me to a facility where I worked with Gregory Judice. Honestly, I have to say that Greg is one of the best physical therapists I have ever encountered.

“I was very nervous about getting surgery, but Greg walked me through the rehab and eased my worry tremendously. Greg was a very exceptional therapist and very patient with me. He worked with me every step of the way. He helped me with my pain management and helped me regain mobility in my knee. He talked me through the process of healing and also through many other therapy workouts.

“I had a limited time to be off from work, and Greg helped me to return to work within that time frame. I can honestly say that without Greg’s dedication and help, I don’t think I would have gained the mobility back as quickly in my knee as I did, nor would I have tolerated the pain as I did.

“If I have another surgery, I would not hesitate as long as Greg was my therapist. He’s the best!”

Nadine E-S.

Recovering From Injury

“My physical therapist has truly helped me recover from my serious injury.  He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to realize what needs to be done and to find out what I felt my needs were. 

He always gave very appropriate exercises to do on my own.  He would explain and demonstrate how these should be done and made sure I tried everything before I left.  He also included pictures of the exercises which were very helpful.  During the sessions, he was always very gentle but insistent – this helped me reach my goals. 

The therapist was always very polite and happy to see me and anxious to hear how I was progressing – he was always a true professional.  I would highly recommend this therapist and will request his services if needed in the future.”

 -Patricia G.

Initial Progress with a Frozen Shoulder

“I can’t say enough about how great my experience was at Judice Sports and Rehab. I had been going to a traditional PT clinic for my chronic shoulder pain. At that clinic, after the initial evaluation by the physical therapist, my visits were all with a PT assistant, (a different person each time). Each session consisted of them just watching me go through a series of exercises, most of which caused even more pain at my injury site. After a few visits, I decided to try something different.

At Judice Sports and Rehab, I had a thorough evaluation, and was treated by the physical therapist/owner, Gregory Judice. He spent a full hour with me, one-on-one, and made an individualized plan of care. His hands-on method of treatment was tailor-made for me to improve my shoulder motion, without causing more pain. I had measurable improvement even after one visit!

Prior to being treated by Gregory, I was unable to style my own hair or remove my winter coat due to stiffness in my shoulder. As a result of my appointments, I am able to move much more freely. Dr. Gregory is highly skilled and very polite, and I would encourage anyone to seek his help.”

-Denise B.

Recovering from shoulder trauma

“Working with Dr. Judice has been huge for me. Prior starting physical therapy with him, I had very little use of my left arm thanks to a nasty fall. Thankfully, I am back to my normal routines now (actually my shoulder now moves better than before the fall). Somehow it only took a few sessions too! I’m now swimming full, able to rock climb, and exercise all pain free 🙂

I was trying my hardest to avoid physical therapy for several weeks, but Dr. Judice did a great job at making the physical therapy experience enjoyable. I felt like I was part of the process, whether it was by taking the time to get to know me and listening to the story of what brought me to his office or by being willing to answer any of my questions and explain things clearly to me, rather than just another one of his clients.

Even the little things were nice – like being reachable, making scheduling and paying easy, and even playing music based off my preferences.

I’ve already sent a few people to Judice Sports & Rehab, and all of the feedback I’ve received from them was stellar as well.”

-Andrew H.

Frozen Shoulder Woes resolved

I saw Dr. Greg for a frozen shoulder this past Spring. I was in considerable pain, and had limited range of motion. Dr. Greg was extremely professional, knowledgeable, very attentive to my specific needs, and how I was responding to treatment. We frequently engaged in discussions about what was working and what wasn’t and how best to deal with my pain at any given time.  I sought him out specifically for his expertise in shoulders, and having been in the field of physical therapy myself, I knew was I was looking for. I was not disappointed. I am now pain free and have highly functional range in my shoulder once again! I honestly did not think I would get here. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Greg for whatever joint issue you may be experiencing. You will not find yourself in better hands!   

 – Renau Bozarth

Life Changing 


Dr. Greg has been a life changer to me.  After two years of limited shoulder motion and pain, I had given up sports and vigorous exercise.  Dr. Greg did a thorough joint exam of all my joints and prescribed a 12 session course of therapy and home exercises.

His physical therapy increased my shoulder joint space and synovial fluid and my range of motion.  I restarted sports.  My weight decreased and my mood improved.  The exercises gave me better balance.

Best of all, I don’t have to have surgery.  I will continue with Dr. Greg on a less intensive course of therapy to maintain my flexibility.

-West County Physician